4th Estate launches author video series

4th Estate launches author video series

HarperCollins imprint 4th Estate is to launch RE4DINGS, a new video series featuring authors reading extracts of their work, tomorrow (20th October).

RE4DINGS will see 4th Estate’s authors read between one and four pages of their choosing from their most recent work. The series has a launch line-up of Jonathan Franzen reading from Purity, Nell Zink reading from The Wallcreeper, Andrew Marr reading from Children of the Master, Bruce Robinson reading from They All Love Jack, Nigel Slater reading from A Year of Good Eating, and Bee Wilson reading from First Bite.

Jonathan Franzen, Nigel Slater, Bruce Robinson and Nell Zink are among the authors on RE4DINGS.

The video series will see Jonathan Franzen reading an exchange from Purity between Pip and her chronically depressed mother in which her mother - a hypochondriac - likens the sugar substitute Stevia to crystal meth; Nigel Slater will read a letter to his “old friend” mashed potato from A Year of Good Eating; and Bruce Robinson will read the Author’s Note from They All Love Jack in which he dispels the mystery of Jack the Ripper - "the epitome of all that is cruel and goddamned repugnant" - and repudiates "virtually everything Ripperology has ever written" to unearth a scandal that "ain't much short of incredible."

Tom Killingbeck, publishing executive of 4th Estate, said: “The best way to get acquainted with a new book is to hear it read aloud by its author. Not everyone can find the time to attend bookshop events and literary festivals, so we decided to put our authors centre stage on our website. Inspired by the German website Zehnseiten, RE4DINGS invites our authors to read one to four pages from their latest book directly to camera, unaccompanied and uninterrupted. Just their words, as they intended.”

RE4DINGS will be broadcast via YouTube and hosted on 4th Estate's redesigned website at 4thestate.co.uk.