YA Book Prize 2019

Introducing the winner of the YA Book Prize 2019...
Goodbye, Perfect by Sara Barnard 

"Sara Barnard's writing is an absolute triumph: this book is unputdownable and beautiful, unflinching in its exploration of important and complex topics and also a joy to read. A tender portrayal of the nuanced reality of teenage experiences and the journey to discovering who you are and what you stand for."
Laura Bates, Everyday Sexism founder and writer 

"An utterly riveting read—it wouldn’t let me go."
Alex Wheatle, award-winning author

"The most authentic teenage voice I've read in a long time, Goodbye, Perfect navigates the complexities of being a teenager and friendships beautifully." 
Daphne Lao Tonge, Illumicrate founder and Knights Of marketing director 

"A well-written book with a powerful message told in a very sensitive manner." 
Emma Suffield, SLA School Librarian of the Year 2018 

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We know you love YA fiction so our aim is to showcase the best YA from the UK and Ireland, awarding the YA Book Prize annually to a novel our expert judges, including young people, think is something special. Worth £2,000 to the winning author, the prize is presented at Hay Festival. Previous winners of the prize are Louise O'Neill's Only Ever Yours (2015), Sarah Crossan's One (2016), Patrice Lawrence's Orangeboy (2017) and Will Hill's After the Fire (2018).