YA Book Prize 2018

We know you love YA fiction, so our aim is to showcase the best YA, awarding the YA Book Prize to a piece of work our expert judges, including young people, think is something special. The prize is awarded annually to the best young adult book written by an author living in the UK or Ireland in a ceremony held at Hay Festival.

Find out more about this year's shortlisted books and authors here or hear from the #YA10 authors themselves about their shortlisted books and the inspiration behind them here.

As well as crowning our 2018 #YA10 and overall winner, this year we are also giving our second ever YA Book Prize Special Achievement Award to Stripes Publishing and the authors of its anthology A Change is Gonna Come. We believe it was one of the most important YA books published last year and we wanted to recognise the great work that Stripes and its authors have done to improve inclusivity in UK YA.