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Virtual stock and permanent availability in the supply chain

This webinar will look at how digital print has allowed the virtual stock model to sit alongside the more traditional physical stock model. It will explore how developments have only been possible due to the continually evolving print capabilities (toner v ink jet) and digital papers.

We then move on to look at how the virtual stock model has allowed publishers to set up global virtual stock supply chains and global print partners to take advantage of direct to customer shipment.

The webinar concludes with a discussion on the rise of the 'Virtual stock bookseller vendor,' its effect on the supply chain and the resulting quality and returns considerations for the publishers.

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What e-book plateau? Growing your sales in today's market

Sponsored by Vearsa

Understanding the global e-book market is essential for publishers, authors, and other retailers. For many traditional publishers, 2015 has been the year of the e-book plateau--or even decline. But with the right global strategy and a proactive approach, it is still possible to achieve substantial digital growth.

In this webinar, Emilia Pisani, account manager at Vearsa, discussed the keys to success in today's global ebook market, including the value of emerging retailers, the importance of finding the right price point for the right market, and actionable insights in specific territories.

Hosted by The Bookseller’s editor Philip Jones with guests Robert Caskie and Orna Ross, this webinar provides the backdrop to the expanding global digital marketplace, with insight into what territories are now adopting to e-reading, the price points that work and how publishers and authors can continue to find sales growth in more mature markets.
The discussion foregrounds both the FutureBook Conference (4th December 2015) and Author Day (30th November 2015) with speakers also talking about what they hope to learn from these events.

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Smart content: from discovery to engagment

Sponsored by SPi Global

Today, it’s important to have your assets (text, audio, video, etc) captured in a structured format like XML / HTML5…but is it enough?

It’s imperative to have an integrated approach involving content architects, editorial, design, technology, metadata/taxonomy and Subject Matter Experts to ensure the content is structured semantically, consistently and at a granular level. Content can be re-used and enhanced to create new revenue stream for your company.

How are publishers accomplishing this today? What opportunities and challenges do publishers and information providers see in this move towards smarter content?

SPi Global empowers leading publishers and content providers to maximize the value of their content online and offline by infusing technology, know-how, and innovation into their businesses. SPi Global provides its clients with a competitive advantage by creating unique strategies in redefining a business model, enhancing an existing or developing a new service offering and increasing operational efficiencies by introducing a system or redefining workflows. For more information, please visit http://www.spi-global.com/content-solutions.

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Retooling for smart content: decoding the new tools and technologies that are changing the publishing workflow

Sponsored by Aptara

The shift to digital has brought with it new publishing tools, technologies, and workflow options… not to mention a new vocabulary (metadata, HTML5, schema, XML, smart content, content repositories, ECMS, DITA, ontology . . .)

Publishers are working overtime to adapt. But the continual influx of new technologies and options for improving content’s creation, usefulness, accessibility and deliverability means that getting it right the first time is only half the battle.

Whether you’re producing print and digital, digital only, digital first or digital last, join us September 25th as two veteran content technologists from Aptara present a high level overview of the complete digital content lifecycle, the new technology and tools that relate to each step, what the buzzwords mean, and how all the options and pieces fit together. We'll also hear from two publishers on how they are adapting and their lessons learned so far.

Not every publisher is in the position to overhaul their entire legacy workflow or systems overnight. But this 60 minute online session will help you make smart, selective decisions based on your operations’ needs and goals.

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Metadata - get it right first time>

Sponsored by Virtusales

This webinar looks at why your metadata is so critical. Learn ways that effective use of metadata can have a direct impact on your bottom line. Tips and techniques for best practice. And understand how targetted use of metadata can unlock online discoverability of your books. The webinar also includes a plan to getting it right first time.

This is the first of several supply chain webinars run by The Bookseller in Association with BIC.

This series of webinars will focus on the operational challenges facing the book industry, throughout every stage of a books life cycle. With an emphasis on education, these sessions will explore, and give insights into, business critical issues at a time of immense change in the publishing eco-system.

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