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When you write for games, everything is possible

Transmedia author David Varela explains why a new wave of sophisticated games is bringing writers exciting new opportunities Read more

Learning to code can transform your writing, not just your website

Learning to code has raised exciting questions about translation, transparency and literary values for writer Caroline Haurie. Read more

'Public solitude': Writing, offline and on

Here be 'unprofessionals' "Writing offline" seems almost an odd phrase today. You'll find it—online—in Words Unwired , a commentary by Lorin Stein in the New... Read more

Dave Morris: Not so much cockpit as pulpit

Editor's Note: "I’d better not go under a bus, put it that way," writes Dave Morris. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles author and Fabled Lands... Read more

A chuffed market's Children's Conference: #PorterMeets Charlotte Eyre

If you walked into publishing right now and stopped one of us to ask, "What's the healthiest, happiest part of the business to get into?"... Read more

Author Julia Crouch's experience of NaNoWriMo

Nanowrimo starts today. For those not familiar with it, National Novel Writing Month happens every November. It is a novel writing project that brings together... Read more

We are all postmodernists now

Author Gavin James Bower has written this post for FutureBook: The future of the book, if you believe the hype, hinges less on publishers and... Read more

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