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A manifesto for container free content

"A fundamental question is being overlooked in this search for the optimal publishing strategy," writes Ryan Morrison . During the run-up to FutureBook 2015 ,... Read more

A manifesto for digital freedom in storytelling

"Digital publishing and the innovative energy inherent in technology empower us to rethink story and storytelling," writes the author Carol Buchanan . Based in the... Read more

'The crowd' and innovation - a small publishing Advance

By Hector Macdonald, Advance Editions For a writer, it’s a seductive proposition: you are the authority on your subject, and all you need is the... Read more

#FutureChat recap: Publishing innovation

Pushback and pull forward... If there had been any doubt about the scepticism encountered around digital cookbooks, you could find some verification in The FutureBook.net... Read more

Night of the Social Media: #PorterMeets Jonathan Maberry

"Your ignorance is stunning!"... That line got one of my Twitter followers muted recently. And she has stayed muted. And she will stay muted. I... Read more

Reedsy: Bending into digital self-publishing

In the graphics for Reedsy , you sometimes spot "cattails," as we call them in the sea islands of South Carolina. Reeds. Read more

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