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Accessible Italian eBooks in the launching pad

The LIA project – Libri Italiani Accessibili (Accessible Italian books) by AIE (Italian Publishers’s Association) aims at creating a service to increase the availability ebooks... Read more

FutureBook Innovation Awards - open for entry

Launched 2 years ago, the FutureBook Innovation awards are the most prestigious awards recognising publishing innovation. Last year we had 218 entries across 8 categories,... Read more

Website review: Canongate.tv

Literary consultant Janette Currie reviews Canongate's new website Canongate.tv for FutureBook: I heard Canongate was remodelling their superb Meetatthegate website I was concerned. Read more

Website review: Angry Robot Books

Book reviewer Amanda Rutter has kindly provided our first website review: When I read Sam’s article concerning the general weakness of publisher website s, I... Read more

Profile: Kathryn Earle, MD of Berg & Visual Arts

Berg Fashion Library recently won a FutureBook award for the best publishing websit e. MD Kathryn has kindly written this piece explaining the background behind... Read more

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