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3 ways publishers shouldn't be using VR in 2018

There is something that excites me about the VR industry in 2018: the wealth of wrong turns we've taken so far. It is perhaps a... Read more

I spoke to 300 VR audience members over 48 hours - here's what they want

If you are a publisher planning on collaborating on or releasing your own VR, the best way to give your work the edge is to... Read more

VR, games and books unite in Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller's Otherworld

Otherworld (Rock the Boat, £12.99), the first novel in a new YA thriller series from Hollywood actor and screenwriter, Jason Segel, and his long-time co-author,... Read more

GryffinDocs' time-travelling touchscreen tales aim to turn teens onto history

Teens are turning off history, but this international startup is hoping to ignite their passion using the dual power of storytelling and tech. Read more

4 reasons why book people should educate themselves about VR

Whether or not they are making VR now, or are going to make it in the future, there are lots of reasons why publishers should... Read more

Curiscope's Ed Barton on the 'magical' potential of AR

AR and VR are big buzzwords in publishing at the moment. In some areas they seem destined to remain just that - buzzwords. But in... Read more

3 inspirational VR pieces for publishers from Encounters Short Film Festival

This month I had the pleasure of judging and curating a couple of strands of VR for Encounters Festival . Encounters is one of the... Read more

3 episodic VR experiences to inspire publishers

Episodic VR has plenty of potential for publishers - here Catherine Allen shares her highlights from the Venice Film Festival showcase. Read more

Publishers must beware these 3 VR myths

I really sympathise with publishers trying to decide whether or not to dip their toes into the VR waters. It is hard enough making business... Read more

3 incredible 360 stories you can watch without a headset

No VR headset? No problem. These three short films show how 360 video is pushing the boundaries of immersive storytelling. Read more

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