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“There is tremendous opportunity right now for collaboration between the book industry and immersive technology”: VR pioneer Stephanie Riggs on rethinking books

Virtual reality pioneer Stephanie Riggs believes that, to succeed with immersive technologies, writers and publishers must rethink their approach to narrative. Read more

3 ways publishers shouldn't be using VR in 2018

There is something that excites me about the VR industry in 2018: the wealth of wrong turns we've taken so far. It is perhaps a... Read more

3 incredible 360 stories you can watch without a headset

No VR headset? No problem. These three short films show how 360 video is pushing the boundaries of immersive storytelling. Read more

VR 101 for publishers: The logistics of showing VR to first timers

If you're planning a VR project, chances are it'll be your audience's first time. Catherine Allen explains how to make it work. Read more

Virtual reality: what works, what doesn't, and what publishers can do now

We need to talk about virtual reality. Not since Homer Simpson’s electric hammer has a technology invention been under so much pressure to succeed. Many... Read more

What Google did next - and why publishers need to watch out

With Google increasing its dominion across arts and culture content, publishers would be foolish not to consolidate their digital strategies Read more

Pokémon Go and the evolution of publishing treasure hunts

Before defining the future, it is worth placing Pokémon Go in context. Read more

Six consumer trends for 2016

As Deloitte releases its latest report of digital predictions, we take a look at what could be in store for publishing. Read more

Joanna Penn: Virtual reality and the future of publishing

Editor's Note: The concept of marketing in virtual reality (VR) can get a lot of Silicon Valley types out of bed each morning. It holds... Read more

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