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Be More Terry

Here’s some advice boy. Don’t put your trust in revolutions. They always come around again. That's why they’re called revolutions. - Terry Pratchett, Night Watch... Read more

Transparency, targeting, Twitter: what it means to be a literary agent now

As she launches a new literary agency, Juliet Mushens discusses how social media and changing expectations have helped to bring the ‘dark art’ of agenting... Read more

#FutureBook16: What to expect and how to take part

Find out how you can catch highlights from The Bookseller 's annual FutureBook Conference, being held today, and how you can contribute to the discussion. Read more

Key digital trends for 2016: did we get them right?

In his keynote at the FutureBook conference, James Whatley will present key digital trends for 2017. Here, he looks back at the predictions he made... Read more

Night of the Social Media: #PorterMeets Jonathan Maberry

"Your ignorance is stunning!"... That line got one of my Twitter followers muted recently. And she has stayed muted. And she will stay muted. I... Read more

eBook streaming on Pinterest. A new service for book lovers just launched by RCS Libri in Italy.

With the rise of Social Media, publishers, authors, journalists and bloggers are jumping on the bandwagon of Facebook and Twitter. If we were to use... Read more

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Of Fake Reviews and Fake Followers

[Crossposted with my blog at nickharkaway.com - it's a bit long and sprawling for here and I was only going to wallop you with a... Read more

24 hours of #AuthorDay

Inspired by a tweet from Waterstones University of Birmingham asking about authors on Twitter, I decided to tweet a few of my favourites. In my... Read more

Faber's CEO Stephen Page answers our crowdsourced questions

Many thanks to Stephen for responding so openly to our Twitter crowdsourced Q&A. Read more

How to build your credibility using Twitter

My preference for Twitter is largely due to its popularity with a very active publishing community and ease of use. Read more

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