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Turning a book into a global entertainment franchise

As Aaron Safronoff’s fantasy novel Sunborn Rising: Beneath the Fall launches complete with spectacular music, art and a VR game, the co-founder and c.o.o. of... Read more

'The Pickle Index': A review

"I'm bullish on Sudden Oak," writes Ami Greko. And when Sudden Oak's Eli Horowitz and Russell Quinn ran their The Silent History app-novel event in... Read more

MIX 03: Mixing it up for digital writing

'An unusual event': a space to show work, a chance to discuss work Today at Bath Spa University's Newton Park Campus, delegates to the third... Read more

'Inanimate Alice' newly animated: Kate Pullinger's digital novel is still young

May we all age at the rate Kate Pullinger's Alice does When last we saw Alice -- of Pullinger's transmedial tale Inanimate Alice -- she... Read more

The Chimera Vector: The Future of Storytelling - A Case Study

Best selling author Xavier Waterkeyn discusses his views on transmedia, the future of storytelling and The Chimera Vector Project: We may not know it completely... Read more

Have you ever been a pajama panellist?

I have. I made my Hollywood ‘ debut ‘ in my pajamas! At 4am this morning I was ‘Skyped’ in as a panellist at Digital... Read more

Conspiracy for Good: transmedia storytelling

Transmedia project Conspiracy For Good goes live in London tomorrow. Peter Law explains more about transmedia storytelling and Augmented Reality Games and the opportunities for... Read more

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