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A manifesto for self-publishing authors

"I do not ask anyone for permission to publish." The founding director of the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), Orna Ross joined us here at... Read more

When rights go wrong: A #FutureChat recap

Post-Chatterie Following our #FutureChat on Is 'out of print' running out of time? , a couple of additional communications arrived, each worth note. From an... Read more

Is 'out of print' running out of time?

Never being 'out of print' is not good news You can't self-publish. Because you can't get your rights back. And your book is nowhere to... Read more

A manifesto for author-publisher relations

Our first #FutureBook15 response comes from the author Diana Kimpton and it's a deft example of Jones' interest in "a series of ideas, proposals and/or... Read more

The Amazon birthday party

Gift receipt: Prices will be hidden on the receipt On the occasion of its 20th birthday, The Bookseller would like to wish Amazon and its... Read more

Should authors write without pay?

From anyone else, the advice might sound like right-headed rationality, itself. But as the author Roxana Robinson (pictured) can tell you, when you're the president... Read more

Are publishers getting the #authorsay message?

This article was originally written as the walkup to our Friday, 10th April, #FutureChat discussion. Join The Bookseller's The FutureBook #FutureChat each Friay at 4... Read more

Self-publishing Jasinda Wilder in 7-figure deal with PRH's Berkley

Jasinda Wilder is the latest of the "indie bestsellers" to achieve a major traditional publishing deal , in this case for three books. The announcement... Read more

Who's afraid of self-publishing? #authorsay

This story was written originally as a walkup to #FutureChat. Join The Bookseller's FutureBook digital community Fridays for #FutureChat at 4 p.m. London (GMT), 5... Read more

'Do You Love Your Publisher?': A new survey of authors in digital times

Update: The Bookseller will publish results of the "Do You Love Your Publisher" survey for traditionally published authors in April. Survey closes 30th March. Traditionally... Read more

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