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What the tools of the trade tell us: Emma Barnes

"These are things all professional writers should be paying attention to," writes Emma Barnes in the address she made at our inaugural Author Day ... Read more

Book tech: Time to step up

"I’m calling for more women to start up and step up next year." Bec Evans, co-founder with Chris Smith of Write-Track and head of innovation... Read more

A manifesto for skills

"I want to work in a flourishing industry known for its competence, kindness, innovation and creativity." In one of the clearest iterations yet of her... Read more

Emma Barnes at London Book Fair: Sometimes, size matters

Editor's Note: Bibliocloud's Emma Barnes , a regular FutureBook contributor, spoke Monday in the London Book Fair-opening conference, Publishing for Digital Minds. In joining the... Read more

An industry awash with English graduates | @Tom_Chalmers

I read with interest that the Publishing Association had recruited a Communications Manager, who previously worked at the professional association for Anti-Money Laundering Officers. Appointments... Read more

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Of Mills and Penguins

The Readmill-Penguin deal is being touted as all sorts of things - I was asked recently to comment on the possibility that it was the... Read more

Overfunding and Under-delivering | @Tom_Chalmers

The Next Big Thing – surely it’s got to come online; that is where all the Next Big Things happen. It’s highly likely to and... Read more

Enter our digital innovation awards

In March this year, FutureBook presented the first ever awards for 'digital innovation' across publishing . We had 93 entries from all around the world... Read more

New research: UK trade publishers predict 2012 will be revenue tipping point for e-books

Today at the BML conference in London, I announced the results of a new study by BML, commissioned by Publishing Technology. The research compared the... Read more

Collaborate and innovate

This video gives a great round-up of our November FutureBook conference. The conference showed how well collaborations can work between developers, authors and publishers. Today,... Read more

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