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Children's books must take the lead in promoting tech diversity

Sophie Deen is on a mission to close the big diversity gap in tech - and she thinks publishers are exacerbating the problem. Read more

Key digital trends for 2016: did we get them right?

In his keynote at the FutureBook conference, James Whatley will present key digital trends for 2017. Here, he looks back at the predictions he made... Read more

My tech life: Laura Jane Williams

Author Laura Jane Williams on how tech has helped her hone her writing and build relationships. Read more

My tech life: Kerry Hudson

The itinerant author explains the role that technology plays in her working life. Read more

What the tools of the trade tell us: Emma Barnes

"These are things all professional writers should be paying attention to," writes Emma Barnes in the address she made at our inaugural Author Day ... Read more

Book tech: Time to step up

"I’m calling for more women to start up and step up next year." Bec Evans, co-founder with Chris Smith of Write-Track and head of innovation... Read more

Emma Barnes: Decisions, decisions

Editor's Note: In her ongoing tutorial for the digital publishing world on business considerations in tech, regular FutureBook contributor Emma Barnes looks at the kind... Read more

FutureBook 2013 - Call for papers

The Bookseller's FutureBook 2013 conference will be taking place on 21st November in London. Read more

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