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Digital-first Canelo opens a literary fiction survey

Simon Collinson is a man who loves surveys. When last we heard from him , he was working on a survey of small publishers' data... Read more

Matthias Matting: Surveying Germany's digital indie scene

Long understood as forming a third and growing market in self-publishing, German-language indie authors again will find programming at Frankfurt Book Fair in October, and... Read more

Are publishers getting the #authorsay message?

This article was originally written as the walkup to our Friday, 10th April, #FutureChat discussion. Join The Bookseller's The FutureBook #FutureChat each Friay at 4... Read more

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What do readers really want from e-book frontmatter and endmatter?

A while ago I stumbled on this post from Eric Hellman exploring the question of what sort of front- and endmatter makes sense for e-books... Read more

FutureBook needs you

I'd like to announce this year's industry research : which aims to find out the current position of the trade with regards to digital (and... Read more

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