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Fancy some raw chocolate with your feminist novel? You need a Reading in Heels box

This 'Birchbox for books' subscription box hopes to seduce female readers with careful curation, luxe design, and complementary lifestyle treats. Read more

What Julian Fellowes' Belgravia should have learned from Netflix

Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes might be an unlikely Messiah. But when news broke earlier this year about Belgravia , his novel-cum-app, that’s what I... Read more

Diving for pearls: is it all over for bookflix?

It is a measure of how strange the e-book market is that in death Oyster may create more ripples in the digital market than it... Read more

Nathan Hull: A misinformed maelstrom

"Digital reading as a genuine competitor to TV, film, gaming and music" will sound good to just about anyone in publishing. And Mofibo chief business... Read more

'Growing pains': Scribd's romance 'purge'

Mark Coker: Smashwords' Scribd sales may 'drop at least 50 percent' Coming in the context of Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Select's controversial new per-page... Read more

The question of subscription

Introducing his panel at the Publishing for Digital Minds Conference, Mofibo’s Nathan Hull said he wanted to spark a discussion about the subscription model in... Read more

#FutureChat recap: All-you-can-guess about ebook subscriptions

Join The Bookseller's FutureBook digital community on Fridays for #FutureChat at 4 p.m. London (BST), 5 p.m. Rome (CEST), 11 a.m. New York (ET), 10... Read more

Do you subscribe to subscriptions?

This story was originally written as a walkup to Friday's #FutureChat. Join The Bookseller's FutureBook digital community on Fridays for #FutureChat at 4 p.m. London... Read more

The man from Mofibo

E-book subscription service Mofibo has already carved itself a niche in Denmark and Sweden. But can the same model be as effective in the UK?... Read more

#FutureChat recap: A busy workout in the subscription debate

Join us each Friday when our #FutureChat with The Bookseller's FutureBook community focuses on a topic in publishing and the digital dynamic. We'll be live... Read more

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