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A manifesto for container free content

"A fundamental question is being overlooked in this search for the optimal publishing strategy," writes Ryan Morrison . During the run-up to FutureBook 2015 ,... Read more

A manifesto for digital freedom in storytelling

"Digital publishing and the innovative energy inherent in technology empower us to rethink story and storytelling," writes the author Carol Buchanan . Based in the... Read more

The story nobody tells

That we are experiencing turbulent times in the book world, is common knowledge to us all. The financial crisis, digitisation of our titles, foreign companies... Read more

The Chimera Vector: The Future of Storytelling - A Case Study

Best selling author Xavier Waterkeyn discusses his views on transmedia, the future of storytelling and The Chimera Vector Project: We may not know it completely... Read more

Q&A: Balance of Powers / Kickstarter collaborative team

I intereviewed the collaborative team behind the Balance of Powers collaborative book which they aim to fund through Kickstarter. What's the elevator pitch for this... Read more

Melding storytelling and social gaming

Digital fiction company Failbetter Games provide a case study of their game Echo Bazaar, how it works, engages an audience and ultimately is monetised. Some... Read more

Have you ever been a pajama panellist?

I have. I made my Hollywood ‘ debut ‘ in my pajamas! At 4am this morning I was ‘Skyped’ in as a panellist at Digital... Read more

Conspiracy for Good: transmedia storytelling

Transmedia project Conspiracy For Good goes live in London tomorrow. Peter Law explains more about transmedia storytelling and Augmented Reality Games and the opportunities for... Read more

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