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Poetry platform Poetizer hopes to put the soul back into social media

This Prague-based startup hopes to connect poetry lovers through a social network driven by free speech and shared values. The pitch Poetizer is a free... Read more

How mobile storytelling startup Sweek is bringing traditional publishers into the mix

Mobile self-publishing platform Sweek was a finalist in our 2017 BookTech Company of the Year. Now its co-founder explains the opportunities and challenges the startup... Read more

Taylor & Francis is bringing AI to academic publishing - but it isn't easy

Introducing new tech into an established publisher can be tough, so Taylor & Francis have teamed up with a smart AI-focused Danish startup. Read more

Has Mrs Wordsmith created 'the world's most intuitive dictionary'?

This edtech startup combines machine learning with Hollywood visuals in an attempt to boost children's vocabulary. Read more

Publishizer calls on publishers to create startup accelerators

The startup journey is a constant rollercoaster, says Guy Vincent from Publishizer - and big houses should do more to support those on the ride. Read more

Could this interactive book make your kids more digitally literate?

"Reading shouldn't be the most boring thing you can do on an iPad. But nor should ebooks be crammed with games." Has Epic Adventures got... Read more

Hand illustration meets VR in children's book Tara's Locket

Design studio Big Motive has "had a great amount of interest" from publishers interested in applying their interactive VR experience to existing books. Read more

Fast-growing PublishDrive takes on "unreliable, non-transparent" ebook market

Two years in, and Budapest-based ebook publishing platform PublishDrive is becoming a contender with marketing tools, audiobooks and "earn as you sell". Read more

Renew the Book prepares to accelerate four promising publishing startups

The Dutch publishing industry is one of the most conservative in the world. The Fixed Book Price law, which maintains a collective resale price, has... Read more

My publishing Kickstarter failed - and here's what I learned

It may have spawned an orgy of 'failure porn', but the original idea behind the fail fast principle still holds many lessons for future-minded publishers... Read more

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