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Publishers are struggling with metadata; enter BookEngine

New research released this week shows that metadata is a high priority for publishers - but also that they're struggling to get it right. Enter... Read more

What Novel Effect did next, from Hachette to SXSW

Novel Effect, one of the five finalists in our 2016 BookTech Awards, share their journey from raw publishing startup to sustainable business. Read more

Ron Martinez on Aer.io's acquisition by Ingram: 'We're very lucky'

'I'm committed for years to come' If a startup acquisition in the publishing space has ever looked like a match made in digital heaven, the... Read more

Story Terrace comes to the UK in June: 'Everyday people's' memoirs

One of the newer publishing-related startups at London Book Fair this year was Story Terrace . Launched last November in The Netherlands, it's planned for... Read more

Startup profile - Widescript

What is your company name? Widescript Where are you based? Amsterdam, The Netherlands Read more

Startup profile - Demibooks

What is your company name? Demibooks Where are you based? Headquartered in Chicago with Development center in Sydney, Australia Read more

Startup profile - PaperC

What is your company name? PaperC Where are you based? Leipzig / Berlin Read more

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