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Is ‘the Spotify for Books’... Spotify?

With renumeration issues being tackled and smart speakers in the works, it looks as though ‘the Spotify for Books’ might end up being simply being..... Read more

Candide Kirk: Publishing's clues from video games

Editor's Note: As the digital dynamic brings books closer to other entertainment media -- and requires it to distinguish itself rather than lose ground to... Read more

Why Netflix for eBooks won’t work. Today.

It seems that not a week goes by recently when we hear about a company that is “Netflix for eBooks” or “Spotify for publishing”. While... Read more

Music Industry Comparison: Part #8967 (sorry)

Yes, I know, I know, but let’s not worry about all the “is/isn’t the record industry a good comparison for books” stuff. None of it... Read more

Spotify Redefines Music - Again

"We want music to be like water -- available everywhere, available seamlessly," Spotify CEO and founder Daniel Ek. Read more

A Thousand Flowers Bloom

In fits and starts, Spanish publishing is poised to join the digital (r)evolution. Rather than the imminent landing of the major international players, a proof... Read more

Fac-ebook enters the fray

Kobo’s recent announcement that they are going to roll out their social reading platform Pulse to enable FaceBook users to share and discover books brings... Read more

‘In the future everything will be free’

The digitization of all media means that more and more organizations are coping with difficult times. Including the book world. The book world is just... Read more

All the e-books you can eat?

As I write this, I am listening to the newest album from The Gorillaz, which was released a mere couple of weeks ago – and... Read more

Tell me a tale of books and pirates and clouds! The story of 24symbols

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, there was a realm in which one economic sector had been using the same business model... Read more

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