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Poetry platform Poetizer hopes to put the soul back into social media

This Prague-based startup hopes to connect poetry lovers through a social network driven by free speech and shared values. The pitch Poetizer is a free... Read more

The big difference between the new and the real

Vikki Chowney, Chief Content Strategist at H+K London and keynote speaker at #FutureBook17, explores why content marketing must embrace the new - but only if... Read more

Has social media made author websites obsolete?

An author website is still far more essential than Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, says developer Simon Appleby. Read more

How innovative do students want their books?

Kingston Uni and The Pigeonhole collaborated on a physical/digital reading project for new students. Here's what they discovered. Read more

Harnessing the power of YouTube for books

Can YouTube really sell books? Naomi Bacon's answer is a resounding yes - and she's developed a three-step strategy to help you get there. Read more

Key digital trends for 2016: did we get them right?

In his keynote at the FutureBook conference, James Whatley will present key digital trends for 2017. Here, he looks back at the predictions he made... Read more

Trendwatch: Live fiction, podcast power, posh print

From next gen stickers to bug-eyed wizards, here are three trends that publishing professionals might just want to take notice of this month. Read more

My tech life: Kerry Hudson

The itinerant author explains the role that technology plays in her working life. Read more

Project of the week: Hello Me, It's You

A university project that unexpectedly took off on social media, "there is still nothing quite like Hello Me, it’s You on the market" according to... Read more

Night of the Social Media: #PorterMeets Jonathan Maberry

"Your ignorance is stunning!"... That line got one of my Twitter followers muted recently. And she has stayed muted. And she will stay muted. I... Read more

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