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How BookTech winner Kadaxis is bringing better data to books

Chris Sim from Kadaxis, which won our BookTech Award last year, shares the challenges his team face and lessons they learn as their big data... Read more

The shocking truth : Book buyers have minds of their own

So that's it then. The gigs up. What I’ve been passing off as Witchcraft and High Magick to grateful publishers for the last 10 years... Read more

Vertical Publishing. Take it to the people.

The relationship between publishers and readers continues to evolve at a bewildering speed. It could be argued that until very recently publishers had almost no... Read more

The Road to Discoverability Part 1 – Metadata, SEO and Serendipity

I was asked to chair a panel at Tools of Change conference last week on Discoverability and it was a theme that emerged time and... Read more

Time for publishers to get (even more) social

You might not know it yet but January 10th 2012 was a big day for the internet and everyone who accesses information through Google. January... Read more

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