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Time to stop the snobbery: indie book design is catching up

He made it onto the prestigious FutureBook 40 innovators list - and Stuart Bache believes that indie authors are leading the way when it comes... Read more

How mobile storytelling startup Sweek is bringing traditional publishers into the mix

Mobile self-publishing platform Sweek was a finalist in our 2017 BookTech Company of the Year. Now its co-founder explains the opportunities and challenges the startup... Read more

Publica is "a publisher for the blockchain era" - but will authors bite?

Publica wants to bring authors all the readers and profits the open web can offer - but will they be bold enough to embrace blockchain? Read more

Can Sweek turn free mobile stories into a self-publishing empire?

Self-publishing, serialisation, gamification, sales - this Netherlands-based startup is a one-stop publishing shop with a mobile heart. Read more

How author Roberto Ricci turned a Wattpad hit into a cross-platform empire

Roberto Ricci is an author with a hybrid publishing strategy and a 'new media' outlook. Read more

Meet Inkshares, the "studio for books" hoping to conquer London Book Fair

The c.e.o. of Inkshares, a California-based startup that "bridges the gap between traditional and self publishing," shares his LBF experience. Read more

The difference between a bestseller and a profitable book

There is perhaps no term in publishing more coveted and less understood than “best-selling.” Seeing this qualifier in front of an author’s name or a... Read more

Be More Terry

Here’s some advice boy. Don’t put your trust in revolutions. They always come around again. That's why they’re called revolutions. - Terry Pratchett, Night Watch... Read more

How a 160-year-old library and a four-year-old startup are building a new sort of book community

The State Library Victoria, one of the world’s oldest public libraries, has partnered with publishing startup Tablo to launch an online reading and writing community. Read more

Startup of the week: Bookollective

Whether you need editing, design or PR support, this new one-stop agency for authors and publishers aims to buck the trend for 'impersonal' service providers. Read more

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