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'The Pickle Index': A review

"I'm bullish on Sudden Oak," writes Ami Greko. And when Sudden Oak's Eli Horowitz and Russell Quinn ran their The Silent History app-novel event in... Read more

Burning the Page - an instant review

I'll be honest, when I saw tweets yesterday mentioning a book from 'Kindle insider' Jason Merkoski I was rather excited. The initial interview on the... Read more

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Of Fake Reviews and Fake Followers

[Crossposted with my blog at nickharkaway.com - it's a bit long and sprawling for here and I was only going to wallop you with a... Read more

A song of ice and fire: Enhanced Editions

Like many other devastatingly witty and handsome geeks worldwide, I’ve recently been engrossed in a seemingly endless saga of dynastic intrigue, vicious betrayal, espionage and... Read more

Website review: Canongate.tv

Literary consultant Janette Currie reviews Canongate's new website Canongate.tv for FutureBook: I heard Canongate was remodelling their superb Meetatthegate website I was concerned. Read more

Review: Sticker Dolly Dressing App for iPad

Suzanne Collier from BookCareers.com has kindly reviewed Usborne's first iPad app: I have to confess that the minute I saw Usborne tweet about this app... Read more

Website review: Angry Robot Books

Book reviewer Amanda Rutter has kindly provided our first website review: When I read Sam’s article concerning the general weakness of publisher website s, I... Read more

App review site & Twitter listing

Having your app reviewed is one of the keys to success in the app store. Here is a long list of app review Twitter accounts... Read more

Review: The Waste Land iPad app

Rachael Beale has kindly reviewed The Waste Land iPad app for FutureBook: Rumours of the death of the enhanced ebook have been greatly exaggerated. While... Read more

Review: D-Day 1944 for iPad app

Chris Book of AudioBook start-up Bardowl reviews D-Day app for FutureBook: First some context. I'm a technologist, my reviews will always be more technology focussed... Read more

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