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How innovative do students want their books?

Kingston Uni and The Pigeonhole collaborated on a physical/digital reading project for new students. Here's what they discovered. Read more

A manifesto for reaching readers

Today's manifesto writer, Candide Kirk, shares with us some of the perspective of her experience in leading the Amman-based studio Quirkat . D2C, she writes,... Read more

The Bookseller Children's Conference: #PorterMeets Voxburner's Luke Mitchell

With all the pleasure any good teenager has in proving his elders wrong , the 16-to-24-year-old age group might seem at times to delight in... Read more

A chuffed market's Children's Conference: #PorterMeets Charlotte Eyre

If you walked into publishing right now and stopped one of us to ask, "What's the healthiest, happiest part of the business to get into?"... Read more

It's all about Me

Book publishers were at the forefront of app development when the iPad debuted in 2010. Start-ups and corporate giants alike created numerous interactive books that... Read more

We are all postmodernists now

Author Gavin James Bower has written this post for FutureBook: The future of the book, if you believe the hype, hinges less on publishers and... Read more

Chronicles in Stone

This time last week I was exploring the ancient village of Carn Euny in the centre of the Penwith Peninsula of Cornwall. The origins of... Read more

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