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What the tools of the trade tell us: Emma Barnes

"These are things all professional writers should be paying attention to," writes Emma Barnes in the address she made at our inaugural Author Day ... Read more

Today is #AuthorDay: 'We need the commitment'

"Candy Crush is more fun than reading a book," writes Katie Roden , "Actually, secretly, you know this is true." In preparation for Monday's inaugural... Read more

FutureBook's chairs, warming up with questions

Conference updates : Today, we're closing bookings for FutureBook 2015 , hurry to get one of the remaining seats at Mermaid London for the event,... Read more

A manifesto for publishers: Rip up your schedules

"How publishing likes to do things is no longer the point; how to reach the reader is." Trying to get at what's urgent becomes critical... Read more

A manifesto for editors

Today's manifesto comes from publishing veteran John Pettigrew, the founding c.e.o. of We Are Futureproofs . In sounding a rallying cry to "keep editors central... Read more

A manifesto for author-publisher relations

Our first #FutureBook15 response comes from the author Diana Kimpton and it's a deft example of Jones' interest in "a series of ideas, proposals and/or... Read more

Can we float more indie boats?

With the news of The Bookseller's Independent Author Previews -- an arrangement with the Barnes & Noble self-publishing platform Nook Press Read more

#FutureChat recap: Publishing innovation

Pushback and pull forward... If there had been any doubt about the scepticism encountered around digital cookbooks, you could find some verification in The FutureBook.net... Read more

An illustrated publisher turns online retailer: a case study for a collaborative future?

An illustrated book publisher in search of growth has to look for new outlets and new opportunities. Back in early 2011 – in what might... Read more

Digital strategies: horses for courses

Having spent some time this weekend going through the entries for The Bookseller’s Digital Strategy Award, I thought it might be useful to distill some... Read more

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