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How Pottermore brought Harry to life with Kindle in Motion

Group commercial director of Pottermore Tom Greene explains why, and how, Harry's world was animated for Kindle in Motion. Read more

Is it now the time for something completely different?

Is it me, or you? This morning, The Bookseller reported that Waterstones was taking Kindle devices off most of its shelves due to “pitiful” sales... Read more

Pottermore or less?

A new route across the techno-terrain The news conjured from Fortress Rowling by our wizardly Bookseller editor Philip Jones is that "in the coming weeks"... Read more

With booksellers' pressure: DRM is now soft in Germany

'An Ever-Widening Industry Consensus' Today, most of Germany's main publishing forces are, or soon will be, hard-DRM-free. This morning, we had the first reports from... Read more

FutureBook 2013: Susan Jurevics Q&A

Susan Jurevics is c.e.o. of Pottermore and speaker at FutureBook 2013. and speaker at FutureBook 2013. and speaker at FutureBook 2013. How do you balance... Read more

Interview: Charlie Redmayne, ceo of Pottermore

Ahead of this year’s FutureBook Conference , The Bookseller's Felicity Wood talks to keynote speaker Charlie Redmayne , c.e.o. of Pottermore , about building brands... Read more

Pottermore gets its wand on

Having been briefed on how the Harry Potter e-books would come to market last week, even I have been surprised by the reaction—particularly among the... Read more

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Just A few Questions, Ms. Rowling...

This really feels like a watershed moment, doesn't it? So, briefly... 1) I'm a bit confused - how is watermarking not DRM by another name?... Read more

What's that coming over the hill?

Quite rightly, JK Rowling has decided to cut her publishers in on Pottermore. Publicly her publisher, Bloomsbury, are ‘delighted to be partnering’ Rowling. Privately I... Read more

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Pottermore Lessons (which I refuse to call "Learnings")

So, Pottermore exists, and it is a thing. (But don't click on that link until after the 24th of June when the rush has died... Read more

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