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Tagsmart applies art authentication technology to limited-edition books

Leading the market in next-gen art authentication, this British tech company is now applying its 'DNA tags' to high-end books. Read more

Can Custos use Bitcoins to sink ebook piracy?

Move over DRM and watermarking: if this startup has its way, your ebooks could soon be protected by Bitcoin bounty hunters. Read more

A Policeman's Lot Is Not A Happy One

[Lady Justice via Wikipedia, under CC Attribution-Share Alike Licence 3.0 Unported, see here for author etc.] I've been a bit quiet recently, at least in... Read more

The Community's the Thing

The greatest threat to the continuing survival of the publishing industry is… the publishing industry. Most incumbents in the industry misunderstand the origin and nature... Read more

Piracy and the three preconditions

Once again a blog on this topic, because this is an issue that many are increasingly concerned about: piracy. Now that e-books (worldwide) occupy an... Read more

Piracy: Not Gone, Just Metastasizing

Those of you with long memories (i.e. capable of reaching back to 2009 - that's a long time in the e-world) may recall that I... Read more

‘In the future everything will be free’

The digitization of all media means that more and more organizations are coping with difficult times. Including the book world. The book world is just... Read more

When your target audience becomes your problem

‘How do you know you are doing something wrong? When 35-year-old women are a problem for your industry.’ This statement was made following the results... Read more

Join the Revolution or Watch and Wait?

I have to admit I was perplexed by John Blake’s comments on the Bookseller blog on 3 May . Having noted the rapid success of... Read more

A price worth paying

Many of the stories about e-books posted either here on Futurebook or on the Bookseller website quickly attract comments from a zealous group of people... Read more

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