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To what degree does publishing need university people?

'The best people no longer go into publishing' It's my colleague Philip Jones at The Bookseller who reminds us today in his leader piece, The... Read more

Rebecca Smart joins Author Day speakers

Conference update : We expect to close Author Day bookings Monday (23rd November). Hurry to secure one of our last seats for 30th November at... Read more

Is your ebook Big Brother? A #FutureChat recap

'To better understand their audience' The other day, during a conversation about "hard DRM" and "digital watermarking," someone said that digital watermarking felt like a... Read more

The smart book for a new market

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how the audio download market was rising to the challenge of a flagging e-book market , with... Read more

Let the right edition in

The release of Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman provides another moment to reflect on the developing e-book market and how it mixes with the... Read more

Self-publishing Jasinda Wilder in 7-figure deal with PRH's Berkley

Jasinda Wilder is the latest of the "indie bestsellers" to achieve a major traditional publishing deal , in this case for three books. The announcement... Read more

Mathieu Triay: A designer 'spins-a-Penguin' for PRH

Editor's Note: As when Penguin Random House launched its PelicanBooks.com app last November, the Little Black Classics retrospective promotion has a strong component of design... Read more

The imprint of meaningful things

Whither the imprint? Publishing imprints are part and parcel of modern publishing businesses, yet many question their use and effectiveness, particularly at a time when... Read more

My Independent Bookshop: a new chapter in book recommendation

‘How many times in the last 10 years have you heard people moan that there is simply too much stuff around for them to read/listen... Read more

Authors! The future of the book is you

This is a piece that James McConnachie, editor of The Author , commissioned me to write for the Spring 2014 issue of the magazine. I... Read more

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