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From legacy to ‘lean’ - how publishing innovates

From Wonderbly to Pan Macmillan to unrd, Bec Evans explores how publishers new and old are embracing lean principles to help them innovate. Read more

Divisions and support at #AuthorDay

Open submissions, face-to-face feedback and guidance New developments in our Author Day ( #AuthorDay ) planning for 30th November are helping us to bring elements... Read more

On international ebook sales: 'actionable insights'

"These publishers stand out for not allowing their ebook function to be a passive add-on to their print houses." Vearsa senior data analyst Anne Gaynor... Read more

At Frankfurt: Can books find true fans?

Fanning the flames When asking Pan Macmillan's Naomi Bacon to join us at Frankfurt Book Fair's Business Club for a discussion of "hardcore fandom" and... Read more

The smart book for a new market

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how the audio download market was rising to the challenge of a flagging e-book market , with... Read more

WhereWereYouThen.com: Mining the memories of Ken Follett's readers

Do you remember the fall of the Berlin Wall? The inauguration of President Obama? The assassination of JFK? Read more

Pan Macmillan’s Lloyd at FutureBook Hack: “Ask what you can do for readers”

“I think we haven’t done the great things yet.” Are you an author? If so, would it surprise you to know that that line came... Read more

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