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"This shift should inject pure fear into the veins of publishers": lessons from Netflix and co

A couple of weeks ago Jeff Norton spoke at FutureBook 2017 , as part of a panel exploring what publishers can learn from video on... Read more

Why the paperback fought back... and what's next in digital marketing

Paperbacks aren't broke, so they don't need fixing - but publishers still have a lot to learn from digital-first entertainment networks like Netflix Read more

Virtual reality: what works, what doesn't, and what publishers can do now

We need to talk about virtual reality. Not since Homer Simpson’s electric hammer has a technology invention been under so much pressure to succeed. Many... Read more

What Julian Fellowes' Belgravia should have learned from Netflix

Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes might be an unlikely Messiah. But when news broke earlier this year about Belgravia , his novel-cum-app, that’s what I... Read more

Down with Disruption

Publishing is a business that’s indivisible from language. Most people who go into it do so because they believe in the power of words to... Read more

Why Netflix for eBooks won’t work. Today.

It seems that not a week goes by recently when we hear about a company that is “Netflix for eBooks” or “Spotify for publishing”. While... Read more

Facebook isn't the content industry's saviour

There is always the temptation to cast the biggest player embroiled in an event as the lead player, as the one in charge, in control... Read more

Fac-ebook enters the fray

Kobo’s recent announcement that they are going to roll out their social reading platform Pulse to enable FaceBook users to share and discover books brings... Read more

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