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Publishing's Swiftian future

Publishing has a new question to ponder this week: what could Taylor Swift do for us? Swift's triumph: she got a tech giant to change... Read more

How do you make money when everything is going free?

Stop worrying about the price of books, or music, or art, going to zero. It’s happening. It’s happened. There is no going back. So now... Read more

Music Industry Comparison: Part #8967 (sorry)

Yes, I know, I know, but let’s not worry about all the “is/isn’t the record industry a good comparison for books” stuff. None of it... Read more

Top of the Pops? Amber Books' Top 100 Albums app

Amber Books' latest app, following swiftly on the heels of its well-received D-Day: 1944, is an interesting example of the growing genre of "coffee-table apps"... Read more

Futurebook 09/10 - what's another year?

On the eve of the second Futurebook conference, a comparison with its predecessor shows how rapidly the industry is developing... Read more

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