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5 things inspiring HarperCollins' chief digital officer Chantal Restivo-Alessi right now

HarperCollins' chief digital officer Chantal Restivo-Alessi shares five things inspiring her to think and work differently right now. Read more

This app is getting young people Hooked on chat-based fiction

This mobile storytelling app has 20 million downloads - and it's reaching that elusive Gen Z demographic. Read more

Serialised, freemium, bitesize: has Radish Fiction finally nailed mobile storytelling?

The big-hitting Korean team behind Radish Fiction is starting with mobile fiction - but their sights are set on turning the world's best stories into... Read more

A manifesto on metadata

The only way to make publishing's great content discoverable, is "via rich metadata linked into smart search systems." Thad McIlroy tells us. He knows this,... Read more

Welcome to Cooked. A bold project in a changing digital landscape

Commercialising content online (read: charging for content) has always been an opportunity for publishers and something that’s flourished in the academic scene for some time... Read more

Madness at the Games Show - Method in the Business?

So, the dust has settled following E3 and I can finally post a few thoughts up here. For the uninitiated, E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) is... Read more

The new dawn of fiction – how reading can survive in the modern age

Last week, a consortium of Dutch publishers unveiled the so called “delay app” , which allows the reader to choose a story to read while... Read more

Review: David Suzuki's The Legacy enhanced e-book app

Chris Book is CEO of Bardowl, a start-up Audiobook retailer in the UK (www.bardowl.com ). He has reviewed David Suzuki's enhanced ebook app for FutureBook:... Read more

The Digital Crossroads

As the publishing industry immerses itself in what is fast becoming something of a digital revolution, publishers need to remain well-grounded and consider their 360°... Read more

'A Bright Future for Publishing': George Lossius speaks to The Bookseller

The Bookseller's Tom Tivnan speaks to George Lossius, CEO of Publishing Technology. "Digital is not the demise of publishing," George Lossius says. "There is a... Read more

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