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How publishers can add bots to the marketing mix

From focusing on persuasion to measuring the right analytics, Grant Heinrich has four tips for publishers who want to build better chatbots. Read more

Rosanna Boscawen: Hoping to get readers all involved in 'All Involved'

However contemporary our digital marketing capacities, when handling historical fiction, a marketing specialist will find him- or herself working to connect today's readers with yesterday's... Read more

Emma Barnes: Sell more books?

The effort to expand an independent publisher's business has to be one of the trickiest endeavours out there. As Emma Barnes , one of The... Read more

How many authors are 'stadium-friendly'?

Thsi article was written originally as a walkup to our #FutureChat of 20th March. Join The Bookseller's FutureBook digital community Fridays for #FutureChat at 4... Read more

The Bookseller Children's Conference: #PorterMeets Voxburner's Luke Mitchell

With all the pleasure any good teenager has in proving his elders wrong , the 16-to-24-year-old age group might seem at times to delight in... Read more

Can we float more indie boats?

With the news of The Bookseller's Independent Author Previews -- an arrangement with the Barnes & Noble self-publishing platform Nook Press Read more

Reedsy: Bending into digital self-publishing

In the graphics for Reedsy , you sometimes spot "cattails," as we call them in the sea islands of South Carolina. Reeds. Read more

You are your metadata: #FutureChat

"I love algorithms. They get you so much more of the way there than starting with human search." And a lot of folks who agree... Read more

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Launching open value-added bundles in Italy (pbook+ebook)

Italian RCS Libri publishing group has just launched “110 Libri+” (literally 110 Books+), the first mass-market publishing initiative in Italy to offer value-added p+e bundles... Read more

FutureBook Innovation Awards - open for entry

Excited to announce that the FutureBook Innovation awards are now open . Launched 3 years ago, the awards were the first of their kind to... Read more

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