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You're the boss

That corner office If you were the one running the show—the brass, the suit, top dog and big cheese—what orders would you be issuing to... Read more

A manifesto for container free content

"A fundamental question is being overlooked in this search for the optimal publishing strategy," writes Ryan Morrison . During the run-up to FutureBook 2015 ,... Read more

A manifesto for digital freedom in storytelling

"Digital publishing and the innovative energy inherent in technology empower us to rethink story and storytelling," writes the author Carol Buchanan . Based in the... Read more

A manifesto for readers

"Talk of reader engagement shows how out of touch our industry is with its lifeblood." And as the proliferation of content outstrips the growth of... Read more

Not a manifesto: On 'a complicated relationship'

"What if cozy, fuzzy old traditional publishing has got it right?" writes Unbound's Jason Cooper . And as our FutureBook 2015 Conference approaches—surrounded by our... Read more

A manifesto for cookbooks in a digital age

Print cookbooks "aren’t searchable, they take up lots of space, they can’t easily be wiped clean, and they are not easy to share with others,"... Read more

A manifesto for self-publishing companies

"Self-publishing companies have long been seen as sharks in the publishing waters," writes Ronan Colgan . And we learn today that Kobo chief Michael Tamblyn... Read more

A manifesto for new formats

"Our love of the print book is problematic," writes Bath Spa University's Rosie Maynard, "causing people left, right and centre to declare ‘THE BOOK IS... Read more

A manifesto for the open book

"There needs to be further experimentation to develop sustainable publication models." Mithu Lucraft could be referring to several parts of the industry. But the head... Read more

Barnes, Horne to present manifestos at FutureBook 2015

Have we manifested your concern? We're delighted today to announce that the #FutureBook15 manifestos chosen for presentation at The FutureBook 2015 Conference on the 4th... Read more

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