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How to build a literary festival in a town where most people don't care about books

In 2015 I sat in a solicitor’s office finalising my divorce. This was not the worst set-back in a knock-down, drag-out year, but it wasn’t... Read more

Author events are ripe for reinvention

The UK is not short of author events, but - and it's a big but - nearly all of these events are preaching to the... Read more

Innovation in bookselling is dirty, complicated - and flourishing

Eight hundred words are very few to get heavy on the subject of innovation in bookselling, so I will focus on two things: a book... Read more

How virtual literary festivals are breaking down diversity barriers

Virtual literary festivals such as Scot Lit Fest are flying the flag for accessibility and innovation - and established events would do well to learn... Read more

Scot Lit Fest: dispatches from a virtual festival

We’re certainly not the first celebration of Scottish literature, but then our version was virtual Read more

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