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Bookabees is "a children’s library, bookshop and subscription box in one"

A subscription model, both lending and buying options, educational experts, personalised boxes and a bespoke algorithm - this London startup is throwing everything at the... Read more

How a 160-year-old library and a four-year-old startup are building a new sort of book community

The State Library Victoria, one of the world’s oldest public libraries, has partnered with publishing startup Tablo to launch an online reading and writing community. Read more

The digital model that treats books like magazines

The digital revolution has been something of an asteroid for the whole publishing industry, but it has presented particularly gnarly challenges to libraries, colleges and... Read more

Shelf Free: Call for new members

Shelf Free is an independent group of people, including representatives from 17 public library authorities, who believe ebooks are a crucial part of the service... Read more

Sweden leads the way on ebook lending

Whilst the UK and the US publishing industries gird their loins to do battle with libraries over ebook lending, the Swedes are just quietly and... Read more

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Libraries and e-lending—it feels like we’re making progress

Last month, the government published its recommendations about e-lending—tthe Sieghart Review—and most of us in the public library world let out a cautious sigh of... Read more

Is subscription the future model for eBook retail?

Let's quickly answer the question - yes it is. Now I'll explain why I believe this. Read more

Provide eBook & audiobook content in preferred formats

Thanks to the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) , the EPUB format for eBooks has become the widely accepted standard. On the audiobook side, Apple... Read more

Multi-channel distribution generates revenue for eBooks and digital content

More customers equal more revenue, right? But how publishers find those customers is, of course, the challenge. Ultimately, reaching out through as many channels as... Read more

Most downloaded books from UK libraries (in Feb 2011)

OverDrive have provided their Top 10 lists for downloaded e-books and audiobooks from libraries in the UK in February. Read more

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