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The future is make believe

Laura Hamm, founder of Fabled, explains why she took the self-publishing platform from a web app into a print book format. Read more

Eric Ries and his Lean Startup programme go wide: Fat startup

Eric Ries asked for $135,000 on Kickstarter. He got $588,903. That's not lean. And Ries, a man with a ready sense of humor, cracks up... Read more

The limits of crowd-funding (An experiment part 1)

One of our authors has, over two Kickstarter campaigns, raised well over £100,000 and has established, from nothing, a business with a turnover in excess... Read more

How digital stalking can get you published

Nathan M Farrugia’s recently released debut novel The Chimera Vector has dropped into a sea of digital content at the centre of a global conversation... Read more

The Chimera Vector: The Future of Storytelling - A Case Study

Best selling author Xavier Waterkeyn discusses his views on transmedia, the future of storytelling and The Chimera Vector Project: We may not know it completely... Read more

Q&A: Balance of Powers / Kickstarter collaborative team

I intereviewed the collaborative team behind the Balance of Powers collaborative book which they aim to fund through Kickstarter. What's the elevator pitch for this... Read more

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