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What does the publishing industry look like from the outside?

That’s a question I’ve been asking myself a lot, lately, as I work on a new conference, called Get a Job in Publishing , which... Read more

In 2018, publishers need to rethink the content churn

Exactly how publishers harness their wealth of content will be a big factor in exactly how happy their new year turns out to be. Read more

To digital or not to digital: which way will publishing jobs jump?

Last year, there was something of a kerfuffle when the communications agency adam&eveDBB dropped 'digital' from all its job titles . In the words of... Read more

How to get a job in digital publishing

No doubt you’ve heard many times about how competitive publishing is - and I’m not going to say otherwise. However, as someone ‘on the inside’... Read more

An industry awash with English graduates | @Tom_Chalmers

I read with interest that the Publishing Association had recruited a Communications Manager, who previously worked at the professional association for Anti-Money Laundering Officers. Appointments... Read more

Back to Basics - How to get a job in Publishing

Publishing CV advice So... your bedroom floor is piled high with books, you’re the most well read of all of your friends and you know... Read more

These Charming Men: Digital Publishing and the Cult of Personality

This weekend I came across an interesting observation from 2002 by Alistair McCleery, concerning ‘the general erasure of the human from book history’, being: Read more

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