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The iPad is dead. Long live the iPad

Victoria Forrest looks at why larger screens, and not smartphones, may still be the future of publishing. Read more

Touchpress at five

"A significant milestone in the marriage of text, photos and deep interactivity." Mac Slocum's interview from August 2010 with Theodore Gray is well worth revisiting... Read more

The digital dream: coming soon to an iPad near you

The digital trumpet fanfare sounded for me in 2012 That's when the Apple software application iBooks Author arrived on the scene. Read more

eBook streaming on Pinterest. A new service for book lovers just launched by RCS Libri in Italy.

With the rise of Social Media, publishers, authors, journalists and bloggers are jumping on the bandwagon of Facebook and Twitter. If we were to use... Read more

Print and eBooks cannot co-exist after all

Swimming (or sinking) in a new world owned by device-manufacturers (who are, not coincidentally, store owners), publishers oft comfort themselves with the idea that the... Read more

The Paperback is Dead - Long Live The Paperback

Textr Beagle enters the ebook reader market with an £8 device, Kindle has a gorgeous new version, Nook comes to the UK. Is that the... Read more

Apple Education Plus iPad?

Before his death Steve Jobs had already targeted textbooks as the next opportunity His idea was to hire the best textbook writers to new create... Read more

"I do apps now; apps are cool."

App review: The Doctor Who Encyclopedia (BBC Books and Brandwidth; iPad only) The wheezing, groaning TARDIS take-off sound that greets the user on launching this... Read more

The Kindle Fire will aid cross-platform publishing

The Kindle Fire has us all intrigued, but we now have confirmation that the fixed format books on the platform will use very similar code... Read more

Can Kobo Win at the Races?

Racing it’s not just about the horse, or the rider, the form book , the course and the conditions. The winners and losers are often... Read more

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