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Ebooks to and from China: Trajectory, Tencent, technology

At first glance, you may think that Trajectory is on a different trajectory. Today's news -- released first by The Bookseller this morning -- is,... Read more

Thad McIlroy: Tapping into the international digital book market opportunity

Editor's Note: Vancouver-based publishing consultant and analyst Thad McIlroy (pictured) and his co-author Renée Register published the second edition of their The Metadata Handbook in... Read more

Achieving all the sales in the world | @Tom_Chalmers

Earlier in the year, I listened to a panel of major publisher CEOs point to their company’s attempts to grow sales, mainly digital, in new... Read more

Authors and book rights – some more truths

In my last blog I listed a number of truths and untruths about self-publishing vs traditional publishing, so I thought I would continue in this... Read more

FutureBook conference - programme live

This is my final push to encourage you to book onto the conference. The process of putting this conference together has been challenging to say... Read more

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