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The ideas paradox: why publishers fail to innovate

There’s a surplus of profitable innovations within publishing – the problem is turning those ideas into commercial product. Read more

Use these empathy techniques to make stuff your readers want

As publishers, we’re all striving for the next bestseller, the big word of mouth success, the must-read title. But, being told to “make the stuff... Read more

My publishing Kickstarter failed - and here's what I learned

It may have spawned an orgy of 'failure porn', but the original idea behind the fail fast principle still holds many lessons for future-minded publishers... Read more

Investor Kieran Hill on what makes a great publishing startup

Kieran Hill, c.o.o of venture capital firm Ascension Ventures shares, what's currently exciting him in the publishing scene, what's rubbish, and what it takes to... Read more

How to hold a happy hackathon

Whether you're a small group of friends or a big organisation collaborating cross-sector, Bec Evans lays out the steps for running a positive and productive... Read more

'Ask for help': what publishing can learn from the REACT Hub experiment

“It is no exaggeration to say that in five months the Sandbox has delivered as much as some mainstream publishers have done in five years.”... Read more

How to implement innovation - whatever your company's size

Whether you're a huge global organisation or a humble startup, Bec Evans has some tried and tested practical approaches to help you turn ideas into... Read more

The power of the side project

Bec Evans, who runs her own startup alongside a paid job, explains why encouraging your employees to indulge in a side hustle can pay off... Read more

No more excuses: turning innovation into action

Bec Evans shares her strategies for creating an internal culture where innovation really can thrive. Read more

What traditional publishers can learn from design sprints

How can a method designed for solving problems faced by startups be applied to an established business? Read more

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