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A manifesto for self-publishing authors

"I do not ask anyone for permission to publish." The founding director of the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), Orna Ross joined us here at... Read more

Matthias Matting: Surveying Germany's digital indie scene

Long understood as forming a third and growing market in self-publishing, German-language indie authors again will find programming at Frankfurt Book Fair in October, and... Read more

How big is the market for self-published titles?

How big is the self-publishing market? The question is a simple one for which there is no simple answer. In fact, there are lots of... Read more

The old model is dead; long limp the new model

This story was originally written as the walkup to the 24th April #FutureChat session. Join The Bookseller's The FutureBook #FutureChat each Friday at 3 p.m... Read more

Can we float more indie boats?

With the news of The Bookseller's Independent Author Previews -- an arrangement with the Barnes & Noble self-publishing platform Nook Press Read more

Taking Bets for 2014...

Six Book and Publishing Betting odds for 2014 I would take bets, but Iā€™m not licensed, so it is just for fun Kindle dominance ā€“... Read more

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