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Who owns digital stories?

Guy Gadney, c.e.o. of Charisma.ai, shares an abridged version of his keynote speech delivered at the MIX Conference 2019, addressing the increasing convergence between creative... Read more

On digital books that solve problems no-one has

In her latest editor’s letter Molly Flatt takes a look at A Universe Explodes , a project from Editions at Play. Read more

What Google did next - and why publishers need to watch out

With Google increasing its dominion across arts and culture content, publishers would be foolish not to consolidate their digital strategies Read more

The power of the side project

Bec Evans, who runs her own startup alongside a paid job, explains why encouraging your employees to indulge in a side hustle can pay off... Read more

Taking Bets for 2014...

Six Book and Publishing Betting odds for 2014 I would take bets, but I’m not licensed, so it is just for fun Kindle dominance –... Read more

Book industry: stop moaning and be creative | @tom_chalmers

There was much applauding following the Booksellers’ Association’s call for the government to support bookshops against the looming giant of Amazon, which followed the French... Read more

The shocking truth : Book buyers have minds of their own

So that's it then. The gigs up. What I’ve been passing off as Witchcraft and High Magick to grateful publishers for the last 10 years... Read more

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Connecting the dots - MBA Alumni for the nascent e-book industry Europe?

The digital trade book business in Europe is booming and unlike US doesn’t show any sign of growth deceleration. In Europe, with perhaps the exception... Read more

Time for publishers to get (even more) social

You might not know it yet but January 10th 2012 was a big day for the internet and everyone who accesses information through Google. January... Read more

The Book App is dead. Again.

News reaches our shores that "The love affair with apps is officially over". This is the conclusion drawn by Forrester and Digital Book World and... Read more

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