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VR, games and books unite in Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller's Otherworld

Otherworld (Rock the Boat, £12.99), the first novel in a new YA thriller series from Hollywood actor and screenwriter, Jason Segel, and his long-time co-author,... Read more

How, and why, I'm turning The Kraken Wakes into a game

To Play For has bought exclusive games rights to John Wyndham’s The Kraken Wakes . Here's why - and what they're planning to do. Read more

Trendwatch: Twitter stickers, retro games, the truth

From Dalek stickers to gatekeeper pride, here are three trends that publishing professionals might just want to take notice of this month. Read more

Shine the light: Q&A with Neon Play's Oli Christie

Oli Christie, founder of one of the UK’s top mobile gaming companies, talks to Philip Jones about pricing, his company’s acquisition by Hachette and building... Read more

Developing a new relationship between book people and games

Publishers appreciate that a good story starts at the beginning. Games publishers often do not, though recent offerings suggest this view is changing. Could Hachette’s... Read more

Turning a book into a global entertainment franchise

As Aaron Safronoff’s fantasy novel Sunborn Rising: Beneath the Fall launches complete with spectacular music, art and a VR game, the co-founder and c.o.o. of... Read more

A manifesto for reaching readers

Today's manifesto writer, Candide Kirk, shares with us some of the perspective of her experience in leading the Amman-based studio Quirkat . D2C, she writes,... Read more

Dave Morris: What's gaming's secret sauce?

"How do we make people want to read?" asks FutureBook contributor Dave Morris in this essay on the question so many of us keep asking... Read more

What if the 90 percent does write a book?

'Your followers are so cynical' In digital publishing, we've been talking about that "tsunami of content" (thank you, Jon Fine) for a long time. This... Read more

Why "The Walking Dead" is a clear winner in the "interactive fiction" race

We've "lost". In the race to find the “interactive storytelling” Holy Grail, we’ve been well and truly beaten. We have been beaten by a digital... Read more

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