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StoryStylus helps turn authors into game designers

This Canadian husband-and-wife team are helping authors make their stories interactive with a user-friendly "book meets game" platform. Read more

When you write for games, everything is possible

Transmedia author David Varela explains why a new wave of sophisticated games is bringing writers exciting new opportunities Read more

Five tips for turning a book into an interactive game

Earlier this month we announced a rights agreement with Pollinger Ltd and the John Wyndham estate to develop an interactive game based on the author’s... Read more

Virtual reality: what works, what doesn't, and what publishers can do now

We need to talk about virtual reality. Not since Homer Simpson’s electric hammer has a technology invention been under so much pressure to succeed. Many... Read more

Pokémon Go and the evolution of publishing treasure hunts

Before defining the future, it is worth placing Pokémon Go in context. Read more

Games publishers moving in?

Today, Capcom announced the publication of a project we've been working on, called R emember Me: The Pandora Archive , written by Scott Harrison, in... Read more

The fight you will have to fight

As I wrote earlier , the book world is facing a series of unmatched challenges. Never before did we had to deal with so many... Read more

Why We Should Care - GAME goes into administration

So, GAME has finally, officially, gone into administration. First up, best of luck to the near 6000 people employed by the group, and let's hope... Read more

Madness at the Games Show - Method in the Business?

So, the dust has settled following E3 and I can finally post a few thoughts up here. For the uninitiated, E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) is... Read more

The Big Bets - Which Tech is the Games Industry Backing?

I'll open this with a bit of a disclaimer - some meetings were had at Gamescom with my Walker hat on, the details of which... Read more

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