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Authors on the march

Is the pen mightier? As if shot out of a cannon—and aimed at weak points in the walls of Fortress Publishing—many authors seem to have... Read more

Make a wish

How do you like 2016 so far? Not that long ago, in a #FutureChat not that far away, we asked you what you considered to... Read more

Your 2015 high points

Let's do the time warp again Then Amazon switched to per-page payouts on KDP Select. Right? And then Amazon changed it to different per-page rates... Read more

Does writing matter in a 'not book'?

'Writing created for a digital space' Late in her review of The Pickle Index for The FutureBook , Ami Greko tells us that Eli Horowitz... Read more

'Our main responsibility is to our authors'

Telling us of "a ruthless focus on the journey from writing author to engaged reader," September Publishing founder Hannah MacDonald addressed the FutureBook 2015 Conference... Read more

A message to FutureBook from Author Day

To work together, not as antagonists The Bookseller’s Author Day conference opened this year’s FutureBook Week on Monday (30th November). It was the inaugural staging... Read more

Looking for trust: Author Day to FutureBook 2015

#FutureBook15 update: Join us at 12:10 p.m. Friday at The FutureBook 2015 Conference for a panel on Author-Centric Publishing for commentary on messages from our... Read more

FutureBook's chairs, warming up with questions

Conference updates : Today, we're closing bookings for FutureBook 2015 , hurry to get one of the remaining seats at Mermaid London for the event,... Read more

Rebecca Smart joins Author Day speakers

Conference update : We expect to close Author Day bookings Monday (23rd November). Hurry to secure one of our last seats for 30th November at... Read more

Barnes, Horne to present manifestos at FutureBook 2015

Have we manifested your concern? We're delighted today to announce that the #FutureBook15 manifestos chosen for presentation at The FutureBook 2015 Conference on the 4th... Read more

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