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Let's use innovation to help fix diversity's publishing problem

Let’s turn the innovation lens not just on new ways to tell stories and sell books, but on creative ideas for how to make a... Read more

How publishers can F.A.I.L. faster (because life's too short...)

At the FutureBook conference I had the great pleasure of chairing its first ever “ Think Sprint ” – applying outsider ideas to insider problems... Read more

The #FutureBook17 Five: takeaways from this year's conference

This year’s FutureBook 2017 conference brought together innovators from across the industry and beyond to share their insights and perspectives on the changing publishing landscape... Read more

The FutureBook Awards: a brief history of innovation

The winners of this year’s FutureBook Awards will be the eighth since the first ceremony, back in March 2011. What can their history tell us... Read more

'Life is too short to make things nobody wants': Introducing the first ever FutureBook ThinkSprint

At this year’s FutureBook conference we’re trying something a little different to a panel or a keynote. In our new hour-long ‘ThinkSprint’ session, the founders... Read more

Curiscope's Ed Barton on the 'magical' potential of AR

AR and VR are big buzzwords in publishing at the moment. In some areas they seem destined to remain just that - buzzwords. But in... Read more

BookTech Company of the Year 2017: Introducing the final 6

There’s one word that links all the BookTech Company of the Year 2017 finalists, and it’s not technology. It’s reading. Read more

Diversity triumphs in the FutureBook 2017 Awards shortlists

The entries are in, the votes have been counted, and the judges have agreed the shortlists for the 2017 FutureBook Awards. Read more

Beyond digital – enter the FutureBook awards 2017

It’s time to change the conversation about digital publishing. Digital is not dead – it’s come of age. And that liberates us to think about... Read more

Help us find innovation in publishing

Launching the FutureBook Awards, Bec Evans sends out a call for the most innovative publishing people and projects you've seen in the past 12 months. Read more

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