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How to win at publishing now: 10 tips from the FutureBook Awards

What skills and behaviours do you need to become a leading light in the publishing industry? Bec Evans interviews this year's FutureBook Award winners to... Read more

How big data won BookTech

"What they do may not be the most glamorous digital service, but it is one that is much needed." Meet Kadaxis, winner of the 2016... Read more

Trendwatch: Twitter stickers, retro games, the truth

From Dalek stickers to gatekeeper pride, here are three trends that publishing professionals might just want to take notice of this month. Read more

#FutureBook16: What to expect and how to take part

Find out how you can catch highlights from The Bookseller 's annual FutureBook Conference, being held today, and how you can contribute to the discussion. Read more

BookTech Company of the Year: the final five

The BookTech Company of the Year will be announced at the FutureBook Conference. Ahead of the event, here's a reminder of the five finalists. Read more

From novel special effects to big reader data: our 2016 BookTech finalists

Publishizer, Kadaxis, Novel Effect, Joosr and StoryTourist: find out more about the five finalists in this year's BookTech Company of the Year Award. Read more

Attention publishing startups! The 2016 BookTech Award is now open

For those of you who missed Philip's announcement last Friday , Europe’s biggest and best digital publishing conference has just gone on sale . Yes,... Read more

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