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A manifesto for 'smart content' in publishing

"Smart content," writes Ixxus' Steve Odart, "knows what it is, where and how it has been used, and where and how else it could be... Read more

A manifesto for reaching readers

Today's manifesto writer, Candide Kirk, shares with us some of the perspective of her experience in leading the Amman-based studio Quirkat . D2C, she writes,... Read more

A manifesto for editors

Today's manifesto comes from publishing veteran John Pettigrew, the founding c.e.o. of We Are Futureproofs . In sounding a rallying cry to "keep editors central... Read more

A manifesto for author-publisher relations

Our first #FutureBook15 response comes from the author Diana Kimpton and it's a deft example of Jones' interest in "a series of ideas, proposals and/or... Read more

Your five-minute manifesto for FutureBook

One of the best talks delivered at a FutureBook conference came right at its beginning in 2010. The author Nick Harkaway spoke about the possibilities... Read more

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